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oh no they didn't.

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Rule 01 Post relevant content. If it has to do with Sherlock Holmes in any way, it's most likely okay but if you've just kvetching about your life/home/dog/incessant partner in crime, please spare us the pain and post it to your personal journal.

Rule 02 Embed your content! When posting, put the entire text of an article or a majority of the pictures in the post itself with an exterior source link. Don't make us work for your post.

Rule 03 Lj-cut your posts if they're content-filled, nsfw, or lengthy. Don't know how to lj-cut? Check it here.

Rule 04 Try to make sure you aren't posting something that's already been posted. Redundant posts are redundant, not helpful.

Rule 05 Absolutely no homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise intolerant/prejudiced comments. You are entitled to your opinion, but no one wants to hear it. Posts of an offensive nature will be deleted promptly.

Rule 06 Please lock any upload/download posts.

Rule 07 While this is a creative community, it not a place to post your fanfics/fanmixes and such. There's several other communities for that -- this one's for shameless gossip.

Rule 08 Don't post introduction posts. If you're a lurker who's posting for the first time, come forth with content/sexy pictures/titillating news. We'll love you more if you post things we can enjoy with you.

Rule 09 Robert Downey Jr is undeniably attractive. You will not be banned for disagreeing, but SRSLY.

Rule 10 Respect your fellow members, your mods, and yourselves. If something bothers you, don't start personal attacks -- tell the mods and it will be dealt with.
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