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05 June 2010 @ 10:51 pm
domingo gigante  
Happy June everyone! I was pleasantly surprised when I found out today that we are actually over the 300 member mark (306 members to be exact)! That's a lot. :0 Each and every one of you is awesome.

Continuing with the reading posts, this week's story is
The Adventure of the Devil's Foot

Read here: http://ignisart.com/camdenhouse/canon/devi.htm

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Bueller?
Queerlyqueerlyobscure on June 6th, 2010 06:18 am (UTC)
No joke, I was just about to make a Sherlock Holmes altered book, and the text I'm using as part of the cover is from this story. And when I say "just about", I mean I checked my inbox just after printing off my cover page. This has nothing to do with anything, obviously, but the coincidence is exciting.

I unashamedly like this story for convalescing!Holmes. Also, Wagner.

Also, I like that it shows very clearly that Holmes has his own personal moral ideas, and they do not necessarily match up with the law at all times.

And finally, does it strike anyone else that this woman:

is incredibly short?
insects, ligaments, i'm the bee's knees: sherlock snoozegaramsythe on June 7th, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
Altered book? What's that?

And wow, that IS a very short lady. :0
Queerly: Sherlock Holmes: Brett/Burke drawingqueerlyobscure on June 7th, 2010 05:32 pm (UTC)
As far as altered books go, that's where you take a book (I like those children's books that have pages made out of cardboard, personally) and, well, change it. Usually by re-covering it and covering up the inside pages with stuff that goes along with a theme. It's a bit like scrapbooking for people who dislike ginormous square pages (you get a more solid book out of it, too). Here is a good example of the sort of thing I'm talking about. They're a lot of fun to make.

IKR? I didn't get the impression that she was meant to be a dwarf midget.
and your poetry will now be written with blood: Sherlock by Pagete_colberto on June 7th, 2010 01:36 am (UTC)
If I recall correctly, the Grenada version of this story kicks a whole lot of ass.

Also, Mortimer Tregennis is one of the best names in the canon.
insects, ligaments, i'm the bee's knees: hooooolmesgaramsythe on June 7th, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
I really love this quote:

“Upon my word, Watson!” said Holmes at last with an unsteady voice, “I owe you both my thanks and an apology. It was an unjustifiable experiment even for one’s self, and doubly so for a friend. I am really very sorry.”

“You know,” I answered with some emotion, for I had never seen so much of Holmes’s heart before, “that it is my greatest joy and privilege to help you.”

I also find Holmes' personal moral alignment with the client's interesting. We've seen him chase people (usually the perpetrators of the crimes/funny business) from 221B in pure fury or with threats of arrest, but in this case he sympathized with a murderer.
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sarannahsarannah on June 13th, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
No tasty subtexty explainations this time?